View map of Statesville City Planning Department, and get driving directions from your location. The city council was considering approving the second reading of an ordinance to demolish the dwelling at 522 Stockton St. as unfit for human occupancy. Submit requests for public information here. 3 0 obj (renews at {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}}/month + tax). Land Development Plan: A document prepared by the Planning Department and its consultant which was adopted by the City Council in 2005. . Categories. The student reported the incident to a School Administrator and the School Resource Officer who initiated an investigation. Quarry dust is present as far south as Summit Avenue. All interested citizens are urged to attend the hearing. The 2045 Land Development Plan was once again a hot topic as concerns from the public, business and government interests came into conflict at Mondays city council meeting in Statesville. The Primary Uses do not mention heavy industry as a land-use. Alfred "Al . Finance. You dont have to run for office to get involved in local government! That the plan services special interest and political insiders over the needs of our citizens is another tragedy, Pressly said. Pressly is running for a seat on the Statesville City Council. ?8yb0$pe*k%]+p@>(6> Iebf**q}zB{1D(=8CJk3TR:r:|P|HL_! The Building Department establishes building codes and standards for the construction of buildings and addresses virtually all aspects of construction, including design requirements, building materials, parking, resistance to natural disasters, and trades such as electric and plumbing. Per the City of Statesville Planning Department: - A new Sandwich Board Application and proof of renewed insurance liability certificate is required annually to continue to display the sandwich board approved by the city. Share the Warmth; Reminder About City Leash Laws in Parks; Scam Alert - Mail Theft Epidemic; 2022 SPD Annual Crime Report; February 20 - Council Meeting Wrap Up; Statesville Fire Department . David L. Pressly Jr. is a former Statesville mayor and former Member of the Statesville City Council. And it became quite obvious why the plan was kept secret and restricted to only a select few for such a long time before our citizens saw the plan. We know Mayor Kuttehs law firm previously represented the quarry before the Planning Board and City Council. There is language in there that will cripple my ward, and parts of Ward 3, Councilman Frederick Foster said. City of Statesville Planning Department City of Statesville Utilities Iredell County Building Standards Iredell County Environmental Health Iredell County Fire Marshal Iredell County Planning and Erosion Control Town of Mooresville Planning & Development Town of Mooresville Fire-Rescue Town of Mooresville Utilities x=k7 ?W? dq[,#Fdg_=HShY$X,V7\_9ZEXzzE?V_]EoE'2JfS}/^ ".HD*qEc#P.z__e},M#uG]z4OGc,1qc!|w |zkvD'#ehOTe$5l *:NtJFy6J>:lSYm\~5yUSn/B] ouzm'tI:`FVzVI'&J3%ZJTuJ In the fall of 2019, the City of Statesville Planning Department requested proposals from qualified planning firms to update the citys land development plan. % Kevin Wyne, Director. On March 29, 2023, during the Spring Athletic Games at Statesville High School, an 18-year-old student reported that she was assaulted by a female coach following a soccer game. Make a payment online, bymail, or in person. Powered by Locable, 111 S. Center Street, Suite 108 - For Lease, 111, 113, & 115 S Center Street - For Sale, 210 South Center Street - For Lease or Sale. If there is mass grading or cut and fill operations for the development then the developer will need to supply their own erosion control plan as required above. stream Q88sv>oZnrODV jbh@"skuX+t`/m ,$!]"t[X\?@&5W5&AXc(x{0 4 0 obj )[lpx--|A1]:/_BlC4Xh50 ]_wJxq=FLP sU+f=rve^4FXg. 3765Leslie MeadowsZoning, Planning Board704.878.3118 ext. In recommending the quarry be expanded into residential neighborhoods, planning department members defied and rejected so many of their own ethical principles to which planners aspire. Find out permitted zones (PDF) for what you plan to do with you land. What is ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction)? legislation for all geographic parts of the community within the jurisdiction of the City of Statesville Land use: A planning term that refers to the way land is used to provide locations for homes . Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. The city held three public hearings, with the first reading approvals of annexations of properties on U.S. 21/Turnersburg Highway and Houpe Road, Northside Drive between Meachum Road and N.C. 115/Wilkesboro Highway, and on James Farm Road at Parcel Drive. All properties located in a historic . 3 0 obj Planning Department phone (704) 878-3583 Fax (704) 878-3464 CITY OF STATESVILLE PETITION REQUESTING ANNEXATION Date: _____ To the City Council of the City of Statesville, we the undersigned owners of real property, respectfully City of Titusville Land Development Code (LDC), Advertising Fee Structure: Resolution No. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Access permits, licenses, inspections& other legal documents. does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Municipalities can get much better planning using a cross section of local people volunteering their expertise and understanding of their own community. +3}>bg]z2ZmM+zI,wF_'v!e,_:^wD,"h{bjYsAl&bMdG {npdW ^sj 5 2$8cRqzAn(DsE>LuubevK_HhXSB?6:BB!h"9Iu&w0jr5)%fv!HQ$;%opYwHN2! For more information, please read our accessibility statement by clicking here. To discuss your project or request a Design Review Application, please contact Marci Sigmon in the City of Statesville Planning Department at 704-878-3578 or Download Design Review Guidelines Design Assistance endobj We know that the quarrys expansion over the years has nearly destroyed residential neighborhoods of Bradley Farm Road, Carrington, and its destructive influence goes northward to Monticello and Northmont. If you have previously submitted or saved an application, please go to My Account to retrieve it. 2023 County Office. A Statesville man was arrested for multiple felony and misdemeanor drug charges during a traffic stop. 25-2016, Development and site plan consultation and coordination, Downtown development review and coordination. Assistant Facility Supervisor- Marketing/Programs (Full-Time), Event Services Technician - Statesville Civic Center (Part-Time, Evenings/Nights/Weekends), Line Technician (Full-Time, Levels 0 - III), Police Telecommunicator - Day Shift (Full-Time), Police Telecommunicator - Night Shift (Full-Time), Seasonal Laborers Landscaping/Groundskeeper - Parks Maintenance, Seasonal Laborers Landscaping/Groundskeeper - Public Grounds & Cemetery, Skilled Laborer - Water/Sewer Maintenance (Full-Time). The City of Statesville, North Carolina Land Development Plan Prepared By Freilich, Leitner & Carlisle 1150 One Main Plaza Kansas City, Missouri, 64111 (816) 561-4414 voice (816) 561-7931 fax Planning Works, LLC 8014 State Line Road, Suite 208 Leawood, Kansas 66208 (913) 381-7852 voice (913) 381-7850 fax The Department of Planning & Development provides public services related to land development activities. Box 2806 555 S Washington Avenue Titusville, FL 32796 Phone: 321-567-3775 Fax: 321-383-5704 Quick Links. This wasnt a surprise, as a campaign led by the Pressly Group had accused the city of bowing down to Martin Marietta and other businesses. They do not photocopy. We know quarry proximity depresses home values and makes homes difficult to sell. Three buildings in historic downtown Statesville were damaged by fire early Tuesday morning, with roofs collapsing on at least two buildings. This is bad planning at its worst. Limit of 5 free uses per day. Its a sad day in our Statesville city hall when our citizens realize we as taxpayers spend $160,000 on a corrupted land plan, and we ask the city council to reject it, Pressly said in closing. Make a payment online, bymail, or in person. Version: 2016.01.16.RJS/MTM 1 CITY OF STATESVILLE REQUEST FOR LETTERS OF INTEREST (RFLOI) Letters of Interests: Transportation Planning, Design, and Engineering Services Project: U-6153 Bethlehem Road Relocation/New South Access Road Date of Advertisement: March 29, 2019 Qualifications Due Date: April 12, 2019 The City of Statesville invites qualified private engineering firms (PEF) to submit . They are influenced by small proactive anti growth groups and try to appease them even if it isnt sound planning. City officials reviewed a number of respondents and ultimately chose Clarion Associates, a Chapel Hill firm. The second Clarion memo February 22, 2021, indicated Primary Uses as manufacturing, heavy and light industrial, flex office, commercial and others. *LP%4PPh0X{pVhu6$huc$0(K&1iQIgrurKFLlw vC(UV5} yMbm$idS CmN *02cdW; "h3l5B-SkUViwsiU6;.N9-/ The Clarion plan designates the mayors land as a long-term Strategic Focus Area for future public investments, which will enhance the mayors land value. For further information please see the Iredell County Land Development Code: The three types of land-disturbance permits are: Grading Permit: Required for the construction of a residential dwelling and any non-residential principal structure.Requirements: $61.80 fee residential/$103 fee commercialPermit Application, Minor Erosion Control Permit: All land-disturbing activities inside the watershed 0.5 acres and greater but no greater than 0.99 acres.Requirements: 2 copies Erosion Control Plan, Financial Responsibility Form, Copy of Deed, $100 fee, Major Erosion Control Permit: All land-disturbing activities greater than one acre.Requirements: 2 copies Erosion Control Plan (may need an engineers seal), Financial Responsibility Form, Copy of Deed, $175-per-acre (fraction of an acre/rounding up to the next acre) fee. In the end, it was decided to strike the portion that could give the impression the commercial development would be needed, and Ashley pointed out not all of Ward 3 would be under the Neighborhood 2 designation that caused concern. Along with the acceptance of minutes from a special meeting on March 7, the council approved an increase in the budget line items for Jet A fuel by $400,000 and AVGAS fuel by $50,000 in the airport operating budget. It was not immediately clear what day Pence might appear before the grand jury, which for months has been investigating the events . The city approved a request from Richard Angino with Third Wave Housing to proceed with right-of-way abandonment for the extension of Solstice Drive to Wolf Creek Lane and the stub street to vacant property to the north. Box 788 Statesville, NC 28687 Phone: (704) 878-3118. They typically lack the intimate knowledge of the areas studied and have a disregard for private property rights. The city said the project would be funded 95% from federal funds, with the city and county splitting the 5% local share. Statesville citizens must reject the proposed plan. contacted include, but are not limited to; utility providers and other departments within the City of Statesville. . A map that represent the North Carolina State Senate Districts in Iredell County. Planning Division The Planning Division works to create a dynamic, attractive and economically healthy city that is safe, diverse and livable for all. :Vzv K-ZHEcdiW=.,@|kwBw"MIH <>/Metadata 311 0 R/ViewerPreferences 312 0 R>> Once the secret Clarion plan was released to the public on August 10, we knew that Martin Marietta had the new land plan draft long before most of our citizens. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. Suffolk's City Administrators support the strategic and functional . Michael Barakey, Chief. We also know that Councilman William Morgan has voted for quarry expansion toward North Statesville residential neighborhoods since June 23, 2009. %PDF-1.7 Find Contractor Licenses, Land Records, and Property Records related to Statesville City Planning Department. GIS, directions, elections,property & specialty maps. In its November 6, 2019, Letter of Intent to the city planning department . City Planning Director Sherry Ashley said the process had been delayed in approval as areas such as the Interstate 77 corridor, Interstate 40, areas near the airport, and industrial zones needed further study. 1 B]u0 o'a(9G00KJKNp[QuZYbM0A6ZoOpqa Submit requests for public information here. Downtown Statesville Development Corporation staff is available to assist you in setting up meetings with the City of Statesville and Iredell County to understand what is required for each project. Find Statesville Residential Housing Units, Occupied Residential Buildings Construction Year, Occupied Residential Buildings Room Characteristics, Occupied Residential Buildings Bedroom Characteristics, and Occupied Residential Building Facility Characteristics. Address and Phone Number for Statesville City Planning Department, a Building Department, at South Center Street, Statesville NC. Applications are required to be submitted at least ten business days before a regularly scheduled Downtown Design Review Committee meeting. For development of an individual lot or lots where mass grading is not required, developers can use the packets below to apply for the appropriate erosion control permit. He also hoped to see other areas changed near neighborhoods to avoid having industrial use nearby. /UserFiles/Servers/Server_9409707/Image/home-bg.jpg, About Important Info - Downtown Statesville, City Of Statesville, NC | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Water, Sewer & Electric Services Information. Yet Martin Marietta had access to the plan months before most of our citizens knew major aspects of the plan sprinkled purple magic on the quarry. 49) - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Below is a list of current openings at City of Statesville. The City of Statesville Downtown Design Review Committee Application is available in the Planning Department, located at 301 South Center Street. The path forward for the land development plan is clear. ?nx?I,ZRwSPf:.ShMeGXD|.3KN%J'_;B\g_R Suggest Listing Ashley said the owners had cleaned the property as requested. Statesville Planning Department at or 704-878-3561. Leigh Anne King, director at Clarion Associates, the company that helped the city develop the plan, said the company improved the citys plan after listening to the public. The Planning Department provides review and analysis of land use and development proposals to ensure compatibility with the community standards as established by the Citys Land Development Regulations (LDRs) including: The purpose of the Planning Department is to perform the daily operations associated with the maintenance of the Comprehensive Plan, providing interpretations of the: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. endobj Access permits, licenses, inspections& other legal documents. City Planning Director Sherry Ashley is seen to the right. Complete Interactive State Senate Districts for NC. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply. The City of Statesville is seeking interested residents to serve on its 11 boards and commissions. <> The City of Statesville has four local Historic Districts. The address for mailings is: Sherry Ashley, Assistant Planning Director City of Statesville Planning Department P.O. With the heavy industry designation, Martin Marietta, which has been successful in all eight of its rezoning attempts, can move its blast pit closer to North Statesville residential neighborhoods and add concrete and asphalt plants with a simple rezoning. Physical Address349 N. Center StreetStatesville, NC 28677, Mailing AddressPO Box 788Statesville, NC 28687. 2 0 obj He said others werent contacted, either. Quarry blast vibration is felt at Ridgeway. What that leaves is that the people that already live here are going to have retail jobs and service jobs. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. % Not going to have enough industrial or commercial property for them to have a good-paying wage.. King said adjustments could be made to the wording to allow more flexibility and also stated that the business and amenities listed in the wording presented wouldnt be required for a multi-family development to be built. Subscribe to our Daily Headlines newsletter. Information found on is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice. susan callahan howe images, woolworths incident report, hinduism and the environment ks2,