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Tweed Fabrics

Natural fibers are expensive to produce, which historically led to the prevalence of synthetic fabric worldwide. Unlike petrochemical-based fibers, however, natural fabrics are usually quite heat-resistant. Since it’s mainly made from cellulose, cotton is reasonably flammable, but the natural animal hairs that constitute wool yarn are surprisingly fire-resistant.

If wool does catch on fire, it doesn’t melt, scald, or adhere to the skin in any way. Instead, it simply chars and falls off, and it also doesn’t leave any toxic fumes behind. Combined with the fact that wool is one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics, it’s clear why wool textiles like tweed remain as popular as they are.

What is?

Tweed is a type of wool weave that is designed for weather resistance. Since they’re made from natural wool, each tweed product looks slightly different, which has always added to the allure. By choosing certain sheep breeds instead of others, you can somewhat control the pattern that will emerge in your tweed garment. From there, bunch-dyeing sets the iconic tweed patterns we all know and love.

Since it is coarse and rough to the touch, tweed is usually reserved for use in outerwear.

Different Types of Tweed
  • Harris Tweed. Harris tweed is a legally-protected type of tweed made in the Outer Hebrides, an archipelago off the northern coast of Scotland. …
  • Donegal tweed. …
  • Saxony tweed. …
  • Herringbone tweed. …
  • Shetland tweed. …
  • Barleycorn tweed. …
  • Cheviot tweed. …
  • Overcheck twill.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 5 cm

M, S, XL


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